Rabu, 31 Maret 2010

Dream Theater - Space Dye Vest

[ Sample is Julian Sands from the film " A Room With A View " ] " But he's the sort who can't know // anyone intimately , least of all a woman // He doesn't know what a woman is // He wants you for a possession , something to look at like a painting or an ivory box // Something to own and to display He doesn't want you to be real, or to think or to live // He doesn't love you but I love you // I want you to have your own thoughts and ideas and feelings, even when I hold you in my arms It's our last chance . . . It's our last chance . . .
"Now that you're gone // I'm trying to take it // Learning to swallow the rage // Found a new girl I think we can make it // as long as she stays on the page // This is not how I want it to end // And I'll never be open again [ Sample from " The Trouble With Evan", from the Canadian series " The Fifth Estate " ]
" ...I was gonna move out...ummm...get,get a job, get my own place, ummm, but... I go into the mall where Iwant to work and they tell me _ I'm , I was too young ..."
[ Sample is Jim Hill from a news commentary about the OJ Simpson freeway chase. ]
"Some people, gave advice before , about facing the facts // about facing reality
And this is _ This without a doubt _ Is his biggest
challenge ever // He's going to have to face it // You're gonna have to try, he's gonna to have to try and , uh, and, and _ and get some help here // I mean no one can say they know how he feels "
[ Sample from the Conan O'Brien show ] " That so they say that , in ya knowlike , Houston or something _ you'd say it's a hundred and eighty degrees , but it's a dry heat // In Houston they say that ? // Oh, maybe not // I'm all mixed up // Dry until they hit the swimming pool "
[Sample from " The Trouble With Evan " from the Canadian series " The Fifth Estate " ]
"...I get up with the sun... Listen // You have your own room to sleep in _ I don't care what you do // I don't care when // That door gets locked , that door gets locked at night by nine o'clock // If you're not in this house by nine o'clock , then you'd better find some place to sleep // Because you're not going to be a bum in this house. Supper is ready . . . "
And I smile and I'll learn to pretend // And I'll never be open again
And I'll have no more dreams to defend and I'll never be open again

Selasa, 30 Maret 2010

Yes - Changes

I look into the mirror // I see no happiness // All the warmth I gave you // Has turned to emptiness // The love we had has fallen // The love we used to share // You've left me here believing // In love that wasn't there // Change changing places // Root yourself to the ground // Word to the wise - Well you get what's coming // One word can bring you round // Changes ! // When I look into your eyes and try to find out how // There's no way to save it now // And everything I feel // Changes ! // Keep looking for Changes ! Changes . . . ! For some reason you're questioning why // I always believe it gets better // One difference between you and I // Your heart is inside your head // One word from you // One word from me // A clear design on your liberty // Who could believe when love has gone // How we move on like everyone
Only such fools // Only such jealous hearts // Only through love changes come // Change changing places // Root yourself to the ground // Capitalize on this good fortune // One word can bring you round
Changes ! // One road to loneliness // It�s always the same // One road to happiness . . . It�s calling your name ( Ring2street1 )
CHANGE - Changing Places . . . ! Etc.

Jumat, 12 Februari 2010

Keep Talking - Pink Floyd

Taken from my Yin Yang music videos as Ring2 street1 On Brodcast You Tube and as Ring To Street One on Dailymotion - Ini sekedar more info setelah lama absen / sibuk menghidupi nama baru - Err . . . My private Collection Song Continue Inside Step by step Story movies The Pilgrimage To the West

Sabtu, 30 Januari 2010

DraconiaN streeTaariedi Bloodflower

I am the blood : A fire in your soul . . . And I will grow in lanscapes so cold
The flower never grew // But I love you just the same // Even though like a bird you flew // I will love you just the same

Senin, 18 Januari 2010

Heaven laid in tears 2010 Angels Lament

Oh creator // so long we have fallen to our knees // So long we have murdered our honor // while protecting thine // Behold the skies , they're full of lies . . . in disguise // Behold the skies , they're full of lies . . . in disguise // And we , warriors moulded in the blood of his vanity // The silent , loyal shepard who tends my light is dead . . . in me // So let the night take thee in her arms,And dry these tears into her embraceIt's the end of pretending and defending . . . God's holy light // El-shaddai ! we serve the , henceforth . . . no more

Minggu, 15 November 2009

When the levee breaks

Led Zepplin - Isoilated Paradise lost , bagai blog ini atapin halamanku di you tube - No rating dan sangat sedikit , hampir tidak komentar - semula kukira , karena terlalu jelek - ternyata bukan semata bad or good sebabnya , melainkan Isolated dianggap paradise lost ontok merasang minat user - pindah jalur VIP person atau upgrade ke premium - sama seperti pengalamnku di Imem , dailymotion , my space dan facebook . . . //
seperti yang tertulis di You tube = BLOCKED Not match di beberapa wilayah // tapi aku lebih meyakini yang lebih baik sebagao Keyakinan - yaitu I'm a bad atau apa kali rupanya - What the hell content . . . . Gggiiiituu Aja Kok Repot //

Sabtu, 14 November 2009

Blog yang lengkap audo dan video kreasi Pt. lyrics

Sudah kumasuki semua web music videos seperti Imeem music - Dailymotion - My space dan You tube tetapi sejauh ini belum juga bertemu dengan teman sehati sesama Rock fans yang mangkal disitu , apalagi facebook - words doang // jika anda mengetahui informasi soal pertemanan sesama music lovers , please kontak diriku yang kesepian ini . . . yang juaga tidak percaya kalau Rock Fans Jakarta hanya aku sendiri - sebatas diriku seorang yang punya pembuktian baik di Facebook ataupun You tube

Jumat, 13 November 2009

Blog Trimurti sebagai home page utama Rock Fans Jakarta

Ataukah Indonesia - Kesemuanya belum dapat dipastikan SUADAH BARANG TENTU - hanya aariedi - satu satunya yang ada di You tube - yang memilih jalur content creative - yang hanya meng upload video musik buatan sendiri - sebagai bentuk presentasi lyrics with background movies didalamnya dan juga sebagai alat BUKTI kecintaan terhadap lagu dan lirik yang disukai atau punya NGARUH // posting video Berikut ini juga semata sample // informasi song & Lyrics favorites Ku - yang ku kreasikan dalam kombinasi slideshow images // lyrics dengan potongan film atau gift from photobucket

Minggu, 08 November 2009

Channel Pt. lyics with background movies

Dari User Jakarta sepertinya gue sendiri // sunggguh aku juga ingin di protes oleh yang kebetulan lewat memasuki halaman ini supaya dapat more info about Rock fans setanah air yang mangkal di you tube , dailymotion , Imeem ataukah Facebook - itulah yang lebih baik , karena Akus udah berbulan - bulan ngider di Net nyari temen sehati hasilnya itu mulu , mendapati halaman sampah kata - kata , atau semata pasang mukejauh - Mukugile di facebook